Dear Google Guru, Why Doesn’t My Website Come Up on Page 1 Of Google?

People tell me that I’m not coming up in Google searches but I can find my web site when I type in my company name every time? They say they are doing searches but not finding me. What are they referring to, and is it worth addressing?

If you’re like the majority of web site owners today, you have not been able to find your web site on the search engines when you do a “primary keyword” search for your main products or services – right? Well join the crowd.

Did you know that 99% of all web sites never see page 1 results for any of the search engines? Sure you may come up when you do a search for your business name; you may even feel that this is good enough for your business. It’s possible that you may feel that your branding is the reason that you will have success on-line; particularly if you think that everyone knows who you are and also knows the name of your company – recognition that companies such as Coke or Microsoft enjoy. But is this really the big picture opportunity or potential that your web site provides to you?

Well if you are Microsoft or Coke it might be. For most of the rest of the world, I think not! You see, what most businesses fail to realize is that one of the biggest benefits to publishing your web site is in attracting NEW clients and prospects. These are people who don’t necessarily already know who you are.

For example, in the B to B world, a company may be looking / searching for a new supplier and typing in the keywords on search engines to find what they are looking for. If I am a purchaser working for a retail hardware store or chain, I may have had a recent outing with my current supplier who I buy metal brackets from.

The fastest way for me to find options will be by looking for a new supplier / manufacturer who makes metal brackets by going to Google and typing in "metal bracket manufacturer". These are referred to as "primary search terms" or "primary keywords"on the internet.

I suggest that you get to know these three words well, because if your business is looking at any kind of growth and expansion online, then you will need to market your web site using primary search terms to capture new leads.

Conversely, if you are a consumer looking for a product or service, you may type in something like this to a search engine: "Outdoor patio furniture". This is referred to as C to B or consumer to business online. So if you’re either of the business groups above, you will want your web site to come up in the primary keyword searches that surfers (and consumers) are typing in, hence attracting NEW business from people who never knew who you were.

I would recommend that you ask your web developer if they know how to do this work for you. The difficult situation business owners are faced with, is that, unfortunately, 99% of web developers don’t know how to do this work and you will have to seek out an SEO (search engine optimization) specialist.

Much the same as you would not ask your book keeper to offer you sophisticated tax strategies or get your corporate lawyer to give you family law advice, the same professional specialist issues exist in the internet web development world.

Having said that, it‘s easy to find the best ones. Go to Google or any search engine and type in the primary keywords “Seo Company” followed by your city name, and if they are good at what they do, you may find one at the top of the list. Happy searching.

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