Dear Google Guru, Every time Google comes out with new updates I hear about how the changes are negatively affecting SEO strategy. Is there a future for SEO or is it slowly being phased out?

SEO isn’t dead, but it is changing. With more and more people speaking to their devices, for example Siri, we’ll start to see the future of SEO relying on long-tail speaking search. People using devices to search won’t be using one or two keywords. They will be posing longer descriptive questions to find what it is that they’re looking for.

To give you an example, if you search today on Google for an seo company in Vancouver you’ll see the results that get populated will be much different whether you performed the search on an iPhone using Siri compared to using Google on a computer because the language you use will be different depending on the device.

This means keywords that were once one or two words long will turn into longer more conversational key-phrases, and this is going to affect all online businesses. Businesses will need to spend more time considering their key phrases and move that strategy forward in their online marketing to maintain their search results.

Those businesses that don’t take the time to consider long-tail key phrases in their keyword strategy will lose their positioning, and they won’t be coming up in relevant searches. We all know that means they won’t generate the leads if they’re not in the gate.

Google’s algorithm is already well prepared and developed for this type of search. Google has known this is where predictive search was going and they’ve already configured their algorithm for this.

The challenge is that most people aren’t speaking to their PC’s yet. It’s now the question of how to integrate the technologies of laptops and PC’s to allow users a similar experience that they have on their mobile devices right now.

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