Dear Google Guru, I recently read an article where Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google, predicted the end of the internet. Do you agree? What will the end of the internet mean for businesses that advertise online?

I absolutely believe that the end of the internet as we know it today is not only near but it’s here. Now, that’s not to say the internet is going to fade away and Eric Schmidt wasn’t referring to the death or disappearance of the internet. He was talking about the integration of the internet into our daily lives, more so than it already is, through devices like our cars, appliances, phones and even rooms in our houses. So, the internet isn’t going away by any means, but the way we interact with the web on devices is and will continue to change in a big way.

Just five years ago, using a PC was the most common way to access the internet, and now smartphones are the number one device that people are using to access the web. In the next few years we are going to continue to see more and more devices become connected to the web. Your car, your glasses, your watch all have the ability to connect. This change will really put emphasis on the devices we use to access the information that is currently on the web. Imagine walking into your office and saying, “Good Morning” to the room, then having Siri answer back and tell you what your priorities for the day are, not through your phone but through an office connected to the internet!

Of course, this is going to have an effect on businesses that advertise online. My advice for companies that do advertise online and want to stay at the forefront is to be aware of how their clients and customers are engaging with the internet. Whether they are using a phone, car or TV to access the internet will have an effect on how search is performed. Digital marketing strategy will focus on how search differs between devices and how user experience can be improved on those platforms constantly.

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