Dear Google Guru, How can I leverage my website to assist with attracting and hiring new staff?

We spend a significant budget each year on attracting & hiring new people for our team. Much of my time is consumed with interviewing and hiring people. Can we leverage our web site to do more in this area to reduce our expenses?

Many businesses these days are installing some form of HR component into their web site. The benefits are significant.

By now you are probably familiar with Monster or other employment sites on the net. You may even subscribe to one of these services yourself. These web sites essentially allow you to post your jobs online quickly (same day in fact). Their software program will allow you to screen applicants by region, skill set, experience etc., and will do this for a fraction of the price you would pay for listing a job posting in a local newspaper, hiring a headhunting or recruitment service, or a going with temp agency.

One of the major benefits to doing this online is that you are also assured that you are getting a fairly savvy internet user who is using the technology to find employment. This means they know how to use a browser, can conduct internet searches, value their time, can type, etc. In general you will be a attracting someone with stronger computer skills, which will always be good for your business – particularly with the inevitable direction we are all going with the internet and technology in general.

Big employment sites like Monster are great but, unless you religiously post your vacancies there, you are not in the game. One of the most popular strategies that I see many businesses employing these days is actually building a “mini Monster” on their own site.

You see, when people start looking for a job they will go to the main sites but they will also type in the industry, area and service categories. They may even know who you are and go to your site to directly look for opportunity within your organization.

Installing an HR function on your site will not only allow you to have full control over attracting and hiring new people, it also has the ability to save your management team an amazing amount of time!

When you build your own custom interview system on your web site, you can even integrate the interview process -and many companies go as far as grading their applicants with their online system. This way, HR managers are contacting only the most qualified of those who apply, which has the potential to save them literally hundreds of hours every year.

This of course makes them far more efficient, adding to the company’s bottom line. In some instances, companies can eliminate their HR advertising budget altogether because the web site becomes so proactive with employment resume/application acquisition that they don’t have to run ads any longer.

So, in the end, it’s a triple win: your business saves money on running ads, HR saves time with more efficiency, and you ultimately get a better qualified applicant who has actually taken the time to read through you web site and learn a lot more about your company and what you have to offer in terms of corporate culture, products, vision etc., providing you with candidates who are generally a better fit for a long term future with your company.

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