Dear Google Guru, I’ve heard some rumours that Google is developing a new ranking index for mobile search. How could it affect SEO if Google does develop two separate ranking indexes? What other changes are we going to see when it comes to mobile search?

As of right now, there isn’t much information about Google’s new mobile ranking index. Google’s Gary Lllyes has hinted that the search giant has been working on a separate ranking index for mobile search, but so far Google hasn’t released a formal statement on when they plan to make this kind of change. If or when Google releases a separate ranking index for mobile, it will change how SEO is approached and SEOs will have to start to focus more on user experience on multiple platforms, including desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Right now we can only speculate how that change might affect the future of SEO.

We do know for sure that Google’s mobile-friendly tag is going to start signalling as a ranking factor on April 21, 2015. That really puts the pressure on for sites that are in the process of a redesign. If your site isn’t mobile friendly you may start to see a drop in its rankings on both paid and organic search. The good news is that the mobile-friendly ranking index works in real time, so as Google recognizes that your site passes the test you will begin to benefit from the algorithm change.

There are also a few other things to consider, even if you already have a mobile-friendly site. Mobile friendliness is determined page by page, so your entire site needs to pass the test in order to pass the test, not just a select few. It’s all or nothing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sites blocking elements like CSS and JavaScript won’t pass the mobile-friendly test. It’s very important that you unblock these two elements so that Googlebot can crawl your entire site for mobile friendliness.

Google is also set to start factoring content from mobile apps when ranking search results. The new feature called App Indexing will index apps and then feature those apps more prominently in search results. This feature will only work when searchers are signed-in to Google and have the website’s mobile app installed on their mobile device.

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