Dear Google Guru, Every time Google comes out with new updates I hear about how the changes are negatively affecting SEO strategy. Is there a future for SEO or is it slowly being phased out?


SEO isn’t dead, but it is changing. With more and more people speaking to their devices, for example Siri, we’ll start to see the future of SEO relying on long-tail speaking search. People using devices to search won’t be using one or two keywords. They will be posing longer descriptive questions to find what it is that they’re looking for. To give you an example, if you search today on Google for an seo company in Vancouver you’ll see the results that get populated will be much different … [Read more...]

Dear Google Guru, What is Email Capture & Should I Install it On My Web Site?


I keep hearing about email marketing from my marketing department. They say we have to do it but all I can think about is how much I hate spam and don’t want to do that to our clients or, for that matter, anyone I know. Can you explain to me how this works? Well, this question is really what separates the men from the boys and the ladies from the girls online. At the end of the day, the internet is all about who has the biggest opt-in email list. I’m not talking about spam here. … [Read more...]

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Digital Marketing: PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email, Content Optimization International Business: Strategic Planning, Strategic Growth Planning, Visioning, Resourcing, Implementation Technology: Strategy and Management, Design and Development, New and Emerging Shawn Moore is a leading expert in the field of SEO, SEM and Web Development. In 1997 he established Think Profits, Western Canada’s largest Digital Marketing Company. With over 30 years' experience, Shawn is passionate about … [Read more...]

Dear Google Guru, How can I leverage my website to assist with attracting and hiring new staff?


We spend a significant budget each year on attracting & hiring new people for our team. Much of my time is consumed with interviewing and hiring people. Can we leverage our web site to do more in this area to reduce our expenses? Many businesses these days are installing some form of HR component into their web site. The benefits are significant. By now you are probably familiar with Monster or other employment sites on the net. You may even subscribe to one of these … [Read more...]

Dear Google Guru, Why Hasn’t Adding A Shopping Cart To My Website Increased Business?


We contracted a company that installed a shopping cart on our site and our sales have not improved. We don’t get many complaints but we expected a lot more from this new installation? Do you have any suggestions on what can we do to improve our results? This is one of the most common complaints I hear each week from people who write in. The fact is that installing a shopping cart to your web site is not as simple as plugging in to a cart and then sitting back and taking orders all day … [Read more...]